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Parenting Tips For Children Entering Childcare

It does not matter whether your child is a young baby or a three-year-old, when it is time for your child to enter a childcare facility for the first time, every parent's nerves are on edge. Because children pick up on stress and anxiety of parents, it is helpful to carefully think about the care process in advance. That is where these parenting tips are beneficial to you. From managing your nerves on the first day to packing the perfect snack box for your child, there are plenty of ways you can prepare yourself and your child to make their childcare experience a raging success.



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Parenting Tips for Children Entering Childcare

Child Care Tips: How To Prepare Your Child For Child Care

by Jane Fletcher

Do you intend to enrol your child in child care? Many parents get anxious about whether their kids will adapt to the new environment. However, with adequate preparation, your child should easily fit in. So, how can you prepare a child for child care? Below are some tips.

Choose The Right Facility

Choose a childcare centre that meets your child's needs. For instance, if your child has a disability, consider disability-friendly centres in your locality. You could also opt to take your kid to a centre where he or she can easily make friends. As such, consider facilities that his or her friends attend. 

The facility should be child-friendly. Conduct a site visit to determine the following: 

  • Are the teachers friendly to kids? What is their experience in providing child care?
  • Does the facility have sufficient toys for the kids? If not, kids will fight over them.
  • What curriculum is used at the facility? Choose a centre that helps the children develop their talents, life skills as well as providing quality formal education.
  • Inspect the hygiene standards at the kitchen and washrooms. Besides, the play areas must be safe.  

Take your child for a tour a few days before admission. It helps him or her familiarise with the child care environment. Besides, he or she can meet up with some teachers. It is a sure way to get your child excited about school. 

Change Your Child's Schedule

Most children have a difficult time waking up for school. As such, you should change your kid's schedule to that of the childcare centre. It includes the time he or she will wake up, sleep and eat meals. Use extra time that would have been spent in bed teaching some of the content that he or she will learn in school. 

Teach Some Independence Skills

At the centre, your child will no longer have you or the nanny by their side. As such, it would be worthwhile to teach him or her some independence and people skills. For example, learning to say please and thank you can help him or her gain the trust of peers at kindergarten. Teach the child independence skills such as wearing a jacket and tying his or her shoelaces.

Be Supportive 

Constantly remind your child that he or she will join formal schooling and the amount of fun and friends that he or she will make at school. It is a sure way to make him or her thrilled about child care. 

Remember to check your child's progress at the childcare centre. Make regular visits to know if he or she has social, emotional or learning problems.