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Parenting Tips For Children Entering Childcare

It does not matter whether your child is a young baby or a three-year-old, when it is time for your child to enter a childcare facility for the first time, every parent's nerves are on edge. Because children pick up on stress and anxiety of parents, it is helpful to carefully think about the care process in advance. That is where these parenting tips are beneficial to you. From managing your nerves on the first day to packing the perfect snack box for your child, there are plenty of ways you can prepare yourself and your child to make their childcare experience a raging success.



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Parenting Tips for Children Entering Childcare

Pros Of Enrolling Your Verbal Toddler In A Child Care Centre That Teaches Sign Language

by Jane Fletcher

When some parents think of their toddlers communicating, they tend to envision one-word statements punctuated with unintelligible sounds. But this is not the only solution. Although sign language has exclusively been associated with non-verbal kids and adults of decades on end, more and more people are beginning to comprehend the benefits of learning this language even as they are capable of communicating verbally. Most parents overlook teaching their kids' sign language thinking they will not need it if they can talk but this is not true. In truth, parents with toddlers will quickly realise having their child in a daycare that teaches sign will be advantageous to their kids in multiple ways. If you are currently searching for the right facility, consider the following pros of enrolling your verbal toddler in a child care centre that teaches sign language.

Improve your toddler's communication

One of the biggest challenges that parents and care providers both face when dealing with toddlers is understanding fully what the kids are trying to communicate. This communication barrier not only creates situations where one may not know how best to meet the toddler's needs but it also causes frustration for both the child and the adult. These feelings usually lead to tantrums since your kid does not feel heard. When you enrol them in a child care centre that offers sign language lessons, you will see a significant change in how your child's behaviour due to the improved communication. And even though they may not yet be able to form complex sentences, they can now convey important needs by signing words such as hungry, sleepy, scared and more.

Enhanced brain development

A surprising advantage you may be unaware of by having your toddler learn sign language at an early age is how it enhances their overall brain development. Learning and speaking a language is a skill that is nurtured by the right hemisphere of the brain. Whereas learning how to sign stimulates both the right and the left hemispheres of the brain. Additionally, since sign language entails the use of facial expressions, hand gestures and even body movements, learning how to sign will enliven the visual-spatial section of your toddler's brain, which is the part of the brain that is engaged when one is learning how to read. Lastly, since an array of learning styles are incorporated into the acquisition of sing language, it inadvertently helps with improving your toddler's memory retention too.

For more information, reach out to a local child care centre.